Between 1892 and 1910, more than 2500 Japanese were recruited to the Queensland mainland. Japanese immigrants were first reported in north Queensland in 1888, employed on three year contracts at Mourilyan mill, earning £20 per annum and brought to Queensland by the Japanese Immigration Society, known as Yohiya inil Kaisha or YIK. 

MENTION concessions to Japanese entry in pearl shell and sugar industries. ELABORATE on Jap/Aust trade treaties, Jap shipping etc exemptions in the metropoles (SYD MELB) for Jap Co. executives

DRAFT:  The Japanese from the Kmiberley coast to the Torres Strait

Thursday Island:

By Federation, the Japanese had gained complete control of ship building and repairing and had a strong position in owning luggers, the number of divers and in the business and professional sectors of Thursday Island life. They exceeded Europeans in number. There was also a large uncounted transient population on the luggers and on the many other islands in the Straits.

An extensive infra-structure serviced this population: Japanese stores, boarding houses, bath houses, interpreters, refreshment rooms, laundries and even a sauce factory. So prevalent was Japanese culture on the island that some Chinese wore the formal Japanese white tunic instead of the tradition Chinese one.



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