1861 NSW Chinese Regulation application of KwokORGwokORGuoORAh Poo ORGeorge Harper, registration number 1311 issuedon the Tambaroora goldfield


A1 1922/9693 AH Foon C.E.D.T. Certificate of Exemption from Dictation Test

A1 1916/4583 Ah Toy. C.E.D.T. Certificate of Exemption from Dictation Test

 Is this the earliest permit in existence? Taken in 1891, three years after the passing of the South Australian Chinese Immigration Restriction Act, 16 year old waiter, Lee Gin, was identified as Australian born in this permit. He would be allowed to return to the Northern Territory of the South Australian Colony. Found misfiled in the Darwin National archives.(series E752 control symbol 1916/ )

Chow King aged 28 was issued, at Palmerston, with a permit under the South Australian Chinese Immigration Restriction Act of 1888 on the 5 October 1891. This is the oldest travel permit photographdiscovered in the National Archives as at November, 2014.

Louey Chin Wong's Permit under the Chinese Act 1890 proclaimed on 19.4.1901 and recognised and extended by Commonwealth External Affairs to 16.10.1904. Found in B13 ??  His portrait was pasted on the back

 Lau Ku, born in tWang Lu iVillage, Toi Shan District, Canton on31.8.1893. Describing himself as a merchant he tendered this Form Of Chinese Certificate as identitiy for Certificates of Exemption.

Inter-colonial boarder crossing permits: Tin dealers crossed from tin-mining towns e.g.Tingha, New South Wales to Stanthorpe Queensland


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