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Artist’s Statement

The lives of ordinary people of colour in late colonial and early federated Australia were, unlike the rest of the population, regulated by re-entry restriction and native protection.We now see that this mix of East and West had its own particular joys and sorrow. My art creates imaginary scenarios and tableaux which capture the emotions of these times:

Federation Penny Arcade
about the effects of the administration of the Immigration Restriction and Pacific Islander Labourers acts on coloured workers and peasant farmers using a simulated, interactive Federation penny arcade with re-imagined games

The Invading Hordes Light Show

3D animated heads of marines, convicts, settlers and native police, projected sequentially in a large dark space suddenly changing to pig-tailed heads of Chinese turning yellow some melting to be augmented by Afghan, Indian, Japanese, Kanaka etc monochromatic brindle faces, then finally replaced by the distraught, anonymous, faces of today's illegals

Researching as yet unnamed installations (1) on the use of coloured labour in the north Australia coastal communities from Broome to Thursday Island*

                                                                       (2) on the use of coloured indigenous labour in the coastal, inland and island missions of Australasia

* about the effects of the administration of federal Immigration Restriction; the Pacific Islanders' Labourers Act; the various state aboriginal protection Acts and the War Preparation Regulations on the coloured peoples of the coastal north Australia.

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